In 1979 Giesse Meccanica was founded as a workshop. Since then it has grown constantly and today its aim is to innovate in the field of mechanics. Giesse Meccanica is one of the most recognized firms in the Venetian area. Being focused towards technological development, it has recently updated its new 3D modeling programs. Giesse Meccanica is able to offer a complete service to the customer, taking care of all production phases: from design to final realization, passing through development.

The customer easily notices that the staff is constantly looking for products that are increasingly diverse and innovative. Among the many services and products offered, you can find:

  • Design, development, manufacture of molds for sheet metal and carbon fiber molds.
  • Molding and assembly, with the aim to deliver its customers a finished product.
  • High precision machining and special equipment, such as hydraulic and pneumatic machinery
Giesse operates in various sectors, including yachting, logistics, footwear, food, construction etc. The main goal for this company is to combine the employees’ professionalism and ability with modern and advanced equipment, CNC machines that provide excellent value for money. The company offers its customers an increasingly wide range of machines and an entirely connected network system using a CAD-CAM station.

To find out more, visit the website. There you can easily request a free estimate through a simple form where you can attach a file, in order to make more specific requests, so that the company can give you a detailed answer. You will also find a list of phone numbers and addresses you can use to reach Giesse Meccanica’s various departments.

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